5 Reasons Your Business Needs North America’s Best-selling Medium Duty Truck

Medium-Duty Trucks

You deliver products. We deliver the truck and engine duo that helps you get the job done reliably and efficiently, day in and day out.

Here are the top 5 reasons the Freightliner® M2 106, paired with a Detroit® mid-range engine, will help your business haul more goods. And haul in more profits.

  1. The best-selling medium duty truck was made for you. It’s no surprise that the M2 106 is number one. In addition to a 2,500 square-inch windshield that offers best-in-class visibility, the M2 106 was designed with driver comfort in mind. Its cab is spacious, quiet and well-built with multiple seating options, from leather trimmed air-ride seats to a three-wide bench. It also features a low step-in height with slip-resistant dual steps, a large door opening and strategically placed exterior and interior grab handles for safe and easy entry and egress. For easy maneuverability in tight situations, the M2 106 provides a set-back front axle location with up to a 55-degree wheel cut and a swept-back bumper. From superior visibility to unbeatable comfort to exceptional handling, the M2 106 was built for drivers—and your bottom line.
  2. We’ve made regen issues a thing of the past. Want more uptime and higher profits? You’ve come to the right truck. Available exclusively with Freightliner trucks like the M2 106, the Detroit® DD5™ and DD8™ engines are built for increased productivity and less downtime. They feature innovative variable cam phasing to keep the aftertreatment system at the ideal temperatures during low speed operation to reduce your frequency of time-consuming regens. More time on the job = a better bottom line.
  3. These engines provide unmatched power, efficiency and reliability. The Detroit DD5 and DD8 are smaller displacement mid-range engines designed to big-bore standards. Translation: they offer the same power output as larger models while running at lower RPMs, using less fuel, reducing wear and tear, and providing a quieter operation.
  4. Best in class fuel economy keeps you moving—and saving. The DD5 and DD8 offer the best fuel economy in their classes. So you can spend less time at the pump and more time on the road.
  5. They’re built to last. Thanks to superior performance, design, efficiency and technological enhancements, the DD5 and DD8 are built with durability in mind. They offer a 400K-mile B10 life and the longest maintenance intervals in its class. The M2 106 is also incredibly durable, featuring a steel-reinforced aluminum cab that’s lightweight yet tough. These innovations are backed by our industry-leading dealer support at more than 400 dealerships and 280 Elite Support Certified dealers across North America, as well as a 24/7 assistance hotline.

A truck is more than a way to get from Point A to Point B. It’s the foundation of your business. The M2 106 delivers.