Countdown to FDIC International

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Severe Duty Newsletter

Indianapolis was the first city to receive a Freightliner Trucks Hardest Working Cities award in 2015, so we’re excited to head back for FDIC International 2016 and see the changes along the skyline due to construction projects.

But hard work isn’t limited to job sites. Firefighters are the men and women who put in hours of rigorous training and are on call all hours of the day and night, ready to save lives in our communities.

Will you be at FDIC International April 18-23 in Indianapolis? Freightliner will be set up in booth #4921 so make sure you stop by to see the hard-working trucks displayed by North America’s leading class 6-8 truck brand.

FDIC International is the largest firefighter conference and expo in North America. Did you know that the majority of attendees are volunteer firefighters? They put their lives on the line every day for us, without expecting anything in return. If that’s not the definition of hard work, we don’t know what is.

Firefighters are associated with their big, red fire engines. They signal safety, strength, and bravery. We’re honored that many of them trust Freightliner to get them to and from fires, and to power the pumps, ladders and hoses to help put them out. We look forward to speaking with all of you to find out how we can continue to improve our trucks to best meet your demanding jobs.