The Five Pillars of Real Cost of Ownership

Freightliner Trucks
Severe Duty Newsletter

Real Cost of Ownership℠ (RCO) is Freightliner® Trucks proprietary comprehensive consideration of hard and soft costs over the lifetime of a vehicle. Some of the costs are hard numbers you can get easily by using a calculator — like monthly diesel expenses — and others, such as ease of upfit, safety and productivity, are a bit more difficult to measure when it comes to vocational trucks. Real-life costs are critical components of the RCO for your business, just as much as an increase in the price of tires.

Freightliner's definition of RCO for the vocational segment recognizes five main contributing factors to maximizing performance.

The ease of Freightliner's upfit process help vocational trucks complete broad-ranging tasks, from delivering bulk materials to processing facilities to plowing snow. That's why there are literally hundreds of different configurations for vocational trucks. Having truck configurations for specific applications is a critical element of the upfit process. Freightliner Trucks has worked closely with truck equipment manufacturers (TEMs) across a variety of segments to create chassis with clear back-of-cab options that TEMs can efficiently upfit, reducing time and costs.

Freightliner's robust service footprint features hundreds of service locations with factory-certified technicians which help vocational users maximize their uptime. That includes more than 400 dealership/parts and service locations — many of which are Elite Support Certified. Additionally, with almost 200 ServicePoint® facilities and a 24/7 toll-free hotline, no matter where you are in North America, you're covered. And Detroit Connect's advanced telematics/diagnostic tools help you spot small issues before they become big problems.

Another key factor to maximizing performance is safety. Freightliner Trucks is an industry leader in the development of passive and active safety systems. We recognize that vocational trucks are often used on job sites and in conditions that are congested and difficult. That's why we place a premium on enhancing operator visibility. Freightliner's vocational trucks also have numerous available safety features and ergonomically designed, well-insulated cabs. Driver comfort during a long work day contributes to reducing fatigue and improved safety.

Freightliner trucks are quality products designed to maximize reliability and longevity. Freightliner rigorously tests products to ensure each model meets or exceeds customer business needs. Freightliner's cutting-edge manufacturing technology, including robotics and automated systems, achieves precise results. Quality construction and durable materials help Freightliner trucks hold their value.

Productivity for vocational trucks starts with efficiency and dependability that maximize uptime. A truck has to be in-service and getting the job done. That's why Freightliner is focused on designing and testing medium and severe duty trucks for real-world conditions. Detroit® and Cummins powertrains offer a wide range of horsepower and torque ratings to meet demanding conditions and produce optimum fuel economy.