Reputation of Excellence: Why Freightliner is the Leader in Heavy Duty Truck Sales

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When you are trying to decide where you should buy a new heavy duty truck for sale, consider Freightliner because of our proven reputation of excellence.  In fact, according to Popular Mechanics, about a third of semi-trucks sold annually are Freightliner Trucks.

Freightliner is the leader in heavy duty trucks sales because we offer a low real cost of ownership (RCO), reports Automotive World. We are able to offer a low RCO because we have access to the best technology and engineering resources.  We want our customers to understand that when it comes to innovation, we do all that we can to lower your real cost of ownership.  Owner/operators use our trucks to haul loads or move heavy pieces of equipment every day, so our goal is to create heavy duty trucks that provide amazing efficiency while muscling through the toughest and roughest places on the map.

Along with being the leader in heavy duty truck sales, Freightliner had a specific goal to become a leader among vocational truck manufacturers in five years.  Thanks to a strategic push and struggling competition, Freightliner was able to meet this goal ahead of schedule.  Last summer, Truck News reported that Freightliner leads marketing share in all sub-segments of the vocational truck market, therefore controlling 31% of total vocational truck sales.

Owner/operators choose Freightliner not just because of the name, but because of our reputation of quality and excellence. Although there are several tough questions that will need to be answered when buying a heavy duty truck, the question “who should I buy from?” is a simple one.  Join the thousands of other owner/operators who have gone with the leader in heavy duty trucks sales, Freightliner trucks.

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