This truck doesn’t just take your drivers from A to B.

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It takes your business further.

Ready to get on the road to more productivity, higher efficiency and lower operating costs? Here are the top 10 ways the Freightliner® M2 106, powered by the Detroit® DD8™ engine, will get you there.

  1. The best-selling medium-duty truck in North America is also the best fit for beverage delivery businesses. Your customers count on you to deliver. So do ours. We engineered the M2 106, the best-selling medium-duty truck in North America*, for less downtime and increased productivity, so you can deliver a better bottom line to your company while you deliver beverages to your customers.

  2. Designed to increase comfort—not to mention productivity. A comfortable driver is a productive driver. Every aspect of the spacious, high-quality M2 106 cab is designed to make drivers’ work easier and more comfortable. Frequent stops on your routes? We’ve got you. The M2 106’s ergonomically intelligent design includes low step-in height with slip-resistant dual steps, a large door opening, and strategically placed exterior and interior grab handles to increase safety and comfort while reducing fatigue.

  3. Best-in-class visibility for improved safety. The cab of the M2 106 hood slopes downward for better line of sight and offers a 2,500-sq.-in. windshield for optimal visibility.

  4. Outstanding maneuverability. Deliveries mean tight timeframes—and tight spots. The M2 106 provides up to a 55-degree wheel cut, set-back front axle and swept-back bumper for remarkable maneuverability in alleys, on one-way streets and in other tight situations.

  5. Unmatched power, efficiency and reliability. More power to you isn’t just a motto. It’s a promise. A smaller displacement medium-duty engine, the DD8 delivers the same power output as larger models while at lower RPMs. The engine’s modern, clean-sheet design is also engineered for today’s oil and emissions components with an eye toward tomorrow. Just think of it as the overachiever of engines.

  6. Fewer regens. Available exclusively in the M2 106, the Detroit DD8 engine features proprietary variable cam phasing technology to keep the aftertreatment system at the right temperatures during low speed operation. Translation: fewer time-consuming regens and more time on the road—and on the job.

  7. More ways to give you more uptime. The DD8 has the longest maintenance intervals in its category to keep you out of the shop and on the road. But that’s just the beginning. The DD8 also features Detroit Connect Virtual Technician®, which not only alerts you when vehicles experience engine fault events, but also reports the best action to take next. Win. And win.

  8. Exceptional fuel economy.Tired of pumping fuel—and pumping dollars from your bank account? With a lightweight design and variable-speed fan and advanced cooling system for shorter fan-on times, the DD8 delivers superior fuel economy.

  9. Built to go the distance. The M2 106 and the DD8 were built to last, mile after mile, route after route. The DD8 offers 400K mile B10 life, thanks to its superior performance, design, efficiency and technological enhancements. And the M2 106’s steel-reinforced aluminum cab is lightweight, yet extremely tough. Tough jobs need trucks that can keep up. This dynamic duo delivers.

  10. Safety first with WABCO OnGuardACTIVE™. Freightliner’s commitment to safety is no accident. Case in point: OnGuardACTIVE™. This radar-based Collision Mitigation and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system detects moving, stopped or stationary vehicles ahead and warns the driver of possible rear-end collision. When appropriate, it also applies the brakes to help avoid or mitigate an unavoidable collision. Safety just got easier. And awesomer.

You + Us. Another powerful team.

The Freightliner M2 106 and the Detroit DD8 engine is an unbeatable combination. So is partnering with us. See why the Freightliner® M2 106, powered by the Detroit® DD8™ engine, is the best-selling medium-duty truck in North America. Discover how we can deliver for you.

*Based on Polk new truck registrations in US & Canada for class 6-7 vehicles from 2012-2019.