Upgrades You Need to Achieve the Most Efficient Truck

Freightliner Trucks

Improving Performance: Upgrades Equal Better Efficiency

The most efficient trucks on the road today operate using a system that is balanced with the truck’s purpose, maximum weight allowance and working environment.

Allowing your truck to run at peak efficiency starts with what is under the hood. Ensuring you and fellow operators possess the parts necessary to complete jobs safely and effectively leads to a reliable workforce. While intelligent exterior truck design is important for reduced drag and smarter airflow direction, interior truck part upgrades allow for added dependability, maximized cooling and power of the highest degree.

Upgrades that Deliver Maximum Uptime

Steel axle upgrade options ensure hauling and transport applications have the wheel cut precision needed to get the job done well. Detroit-manufactured front steer, single rear and tandem rear axle upgrades deliver full brake system compatibility, eliminating installation barriers.

Depending on your truck fleet’s applications, radiator upgrades may be an investment you have to consider at some point. To work with the most efficient trucks, your fleet must remain productive. This means overheating cannot become an issue. Diverse radiator upgrades support long hauling jobs in demanding conditions where dust, mud, summer heat and high humidity risk engine overheating. Designed with better airflow in mind, radiator upgrades are engineered to deliver more cooling power when it really counts – even when heavy loads are an everyday factor.

Shock absorption is another factor to consider, and radiator upgrades reduce chassis loads and decreases vibration. Whereas traditional radiator placement occurs on the frame rails, available radiators and radiator upgrades are installed directly onto the engine. This allows your truck to remain reliable day in and day out, keeping you and your fellow drivers from having to slow down in order to compensate for overheating.

Have the Most Efficient Trucks on the Road

Although truck upgrades represent an upfront cost, your investment over the long-term saves on maintenance costs and unexpected downtime that impacts productivity, allowing you to achieve the most efficient trucks possible. By preventing breakdowns, emergency roadside assistance and unscheduled service bills, truck part upgrades such as axles and radiators pay for themselves quickly, boasting optimal driving efficiency.

To learn more about how to reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) through upgrades that are specific to your truck’s needs, contact a local dealer today. You’ll have the most efficient trucks on jobsites and be able to streamline transport timelines without sacrificing quality.