Benefits of Driving in the Largest 18 Wheeler Cab

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More and more owner/ operators and fleet managers are reaping the benefits of investing in trucks that have the largest 18 wheeler cabs.  Large cabs ensure that drivers have the space they need to be comfortable, which improves quality of life on road.

A prime example of a truck with one of the largest 18 wheeler cabs is the Cascadia Evolution. The day cab configurations on this model include 48” Mid-Roof XT, 60” Mid-Roof XT, and 72” Mid-Roof XT and 60” and 72” Raise Roof options.  The large cab in the Cascadia Evolution allow us to include standard features like expanded, comfortable seats and overhead storage consoles.  Additional benefits of having the largest 18 wheeler cab include having room for effective lighting, convenient power sources, and ease of access to on-the-road necessities.

Effective Lighting

Having an ample amount of room in the Cascadia Evolution cab and sleeper allowed Freightliner to install lighting focused on assisting with safety, business, and off-the-clock time.  In addition to individual driver and passenger seat lights, the Cascadia Evolution also comes with a general dome light, a specific work and map light, and dome lights on each side of the bed and overhead between the cab and sleeper.

Convenient Power Sources

All drives have electronics that they utilize to communicate and continue working, therefore allowing them to stay profitable.  We designed the Cascadia Evolution cab to be stocked with several DC outlets to make driver communications simple.  These cabs have two outlets in the middle of the dashboard and the option to have two outlets at the bottom of the bunk.

Ease of Access

Providing one the of the largest 18 wheeler cabs in the industry allows us to ensure that everything drivers need while on the road are easily accessible.  For example, the Cascadia Evolution’s extensive cab includes several rattle-free cabinets, shelving, and workstation choices. The cab also allows drivers to install a TV and a waist-level refrigerator that they can conveniently access.  There is even additional storage under the spacious bunk.  Even the roomy bunk lifts easily to access under-bunk storage. We made sure that drivers have room for everything they need on the road and that they can access it quickly and safely.

With all the benefits that come along with purchasing a largest 18 wheeler cab, it is easy to see why owner/ operators and fleet managers alike are turning to the Cascadia Evolution. To request more information about the Cascadia Evolution or schedule a test drive, fill out our form here.