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All of the trucking industry leaders are constantly working to improve the safety of their semi-trucks. From testing to implementation, semi-truck safety is a focus for truck manufacturers worldwide. If you are looking to purchase a new truck or fleet, there are a few features you should look for to ensure that you are working with one of the industry’s safest semi-truck brands:

Wheel and Tire Safety

Dual wheels are the most popular types of tires used in the trucking industry today. However, the use of two single, but wider tires, known as “super singles”, on each axle is increasing. While “super singles” are popular because they allow the vehicle to have a lower fuel consumption, there are some disadvantages to these wheels in regards to safety. If a tire becomes deflated or destroyed while on the road while using “super singles”, there is not another tire attached to the same hub, which is what allows the vehicle to remain stable. However, with dual wheels there is still a remaining tire. While this tire may be strained, drivers are usually still able to stop the vehicle or drive to a repair center.

Skirted Trailers & Underride Guard Protection

Oftentimes, skirted trailers are used with underride guards, which allows for increased safety and protection for everyone on the road. Underride guards, or Rear Underrun Protection System (RUPS), is a rigid guard that hangs down from the bottom rear of the trailer. The purpose of the underride guards is to provide protection to cars that may rear end a trailer.

Air Pressure Braking

A commercial truck’s parking and emergency brakes of the trailer are called “spring brakes”. “Spring brakes” need air pressure in order to function. This is a reliable semi-truck safety feature because if air pressure to either unit is lost, the truck will stop to a grinding halt. Without this safety feature, the truck could keep moving without brakes and the drive could potentially lose control.

Active and Passive Safety Options

A number of active and passive safety options are available on semi-truck brands. RollTek side roll-protection by LifeGuard Technologies combines side airbag protection with advanced seat belt technology to reduce the potential for serious injuries or fatalities. Roll Stability Advisor and Roll Stability Control integrate sensors into the truck’s antilock brake system to track lateral acceleration and wheel speed to detect rollover potential. Lane Guidance monitors the truck’s position relative to lane markings and sounds an audible warning when the truck is about to stray outside its lane. An Obstacle Detection System is also available, warning of impending collisions and integrates adaptive cruise control.  Other safety features include “Hill Start Aid” and “creep mode”.  “Hill Start Aid” will prevent your truck from rolling when parked on an incline while “creep mode” allows the truck to creep ahead without having your foot on the gas.

Each of the safest semi-truck brands should be utilizing these safety features in their manufacturing process. To learn more about the safety features of Freightliner’s semi-trucks contact us.