eCascadia: Launched and Ready to Flip the Electric Switch

Electric Trucks
After more than one million test miles and countless loads delivered for real fleets, the series-production eCascadia has officially launched. Here are five reasons why this groundbreaking electric semi truck is ready to help you flip the zero-emissions switch in your fleet.

Built on a proven foundation

In an industry of innovation, it’s smart to build on solid ground. That’s exactly how Freightliner and Detroit approached the development of the eCascadia. This next-gen electric semi incorporates the design of the #1 best-selling heavy-duty diesel truck in North America. With exceptional efficiency, reliability and uptime, you can be confident that the eCascadia is a zero-emission semi truck that’s built for business.


The leading active safety system for Class 8 trucks in the industry

When you’re looking toward your electric future, you need an electric semi truck that can see the road ahead. Outfitted with the most innovative suite of safety systems in the industry, Detroit Assurance, the eCascadia is one of the safest Class 8 trucks available today.

Active Lane Assist

The eCascadia is the first Freightliner to come standard with Active Lane Assist. ALA keeps drivers safe and comfortable by reducing vibrations on the road, improving low-speed maneuverability and increasing ease of steering through micro-adjustments. In addition, this feature can automatically steer the truck back into its lane and keep it centered.

Active Side Guard Assist

This next-generation electric semi also offers an industry-first feature: Active Side Guard Assist. Adding to the standard Side Guard Assist functionality, ASGA is designed to protect people within urban environments. It automatically stops a truck to prevent it from completing a right turn into a moving cyclist or pedestrian.

Powered by Detroit technology

The eCascadia doesn’t just run on electricity. It’s powered by a full ecosystem of integrated Detroit technology. Detroit eFill makes charging your electric semi trucks fast and simple; it works seamlessly with Freightliner trucks as well as a range of truck brands. Additionally, with Detroit Connect, you can get a 360-degree view of your fleet, which makes managing electric commercial trucks and drivers easier. In short: When you get the latest eCascadia, you get so much more than just a truck.


Details that drive tomorrow

The series-production eCascadia brings the latest generation of Freightliner electric semi trucks to the road, along with a few design improvements:

Expertise and support to keep you moving

The world of electrification can be difficult to navigate. That’s why the eCascadia comes with a team of experts: Detroit eConsulting. With eConsulting, it’s easy to grow your fleet. Even if you start with a single electric semi, we can help you start right so that you have the infrastructure in place to meet your goals. And with the largest dealership and service network in North America, Freightliner is the electric semi truck company that can support your fleet as it expands.

Ready to step into the world of electric? The series-production eCascadia – and the Detroit eConsulting team – can help you get moving.