eCascadia: 3 Ways That Next-level Safety Comes Standard

Freightliner Trucks
What if there was a semi truck smart enough to stay one step ahead of other vehicles, protect drivers from every angle and make long journeys more comfortable? There is: The Freightliner eCascadia.

The Freightliner eCascadia is purpose-built for safety. With cutting-edge collision mitigation system features, like Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning, it’s simply in its DNA. Below are three ways that the eCascadia comes standard with next-level safety.


1. The eCascadia puts driver comfort – and safety – first.

The eCascadia takes driver comfort to a new level by producing less noise and vibration than a diesel semi truck. This is especially important on the road, because a quieter ride can go a long way in keeping drivers aware of their surroundings.

The eCascadia also offers a reduction in shifting and smooth, responsive acceleration that can help drivers feel more comfortable. By putting driver comfort first, the eCascadia naturally puts safety first, too.


2. The eCascadia is designed to protect people. And the planet.

There’s another side to safety, one that goes beyond protecting drivers behind the wheel and people on the road. It’s about keeping the air clean for future generations.

That’s why the eCascadia comes standard with planet-saving features. Just by running one in your fleet, you are actively powering the transition to a zero-emissions future – one easy, efficient mile at a time.

3. The eCascadia: the Class 8 truck that comes standard with Detroit Assurance.

The eCascadia comes standard with active safety features. The Detroit Assurance® Suite of Safety Systems helps drivers keep operations running smoothly with innovative technology. Here’s a quick overview of Detroit Assurance features:

Additional features include: Intelligent High Beams, Automatic Wipers/Headlamps (automatic headlights), Tailgate Warning, Lane Departure Warning and video capture (using Bendix SafetyDirect®).


Assess the road ahead.

Want to learn more about collision mitigation systems like Detroit Assurance, and features like Lane Departure Warning, automatic headlights and Active Brake Assist? Contact Detroit eConsulting to get your safe, efficient electric future in motion.