State of Charge: 2021 Electric Trends and Milestones

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2021 has been a year of significant progress for electric semi trucks. Here’s a quick look at just how far we’ve come – and where we’re headed next.

2021 has been a year of significant progress for electric semi trucks. But what does that progress actually look like? Here’s a quick look at just how far we’ve come – and where we’re headed next.

Electric Semi Truck Growth is Charging Up.

While there has long been plenty of buzz surrounding electric semis, the rubber is really starting to hit the road. At the end of 2019, there were just over 2,000 electric semi trucks in operation, and in early 2021, it was estimated that this number would reach approximately 4,000 by the end of the year. However, even more rapid growth is just ahead: By 2025, there could be 54,000 electric semi trucks on the road, a milestone that would mark exponential adoption across the industry.

milestones2.png DTNA has already covered one million electric, real-world testing miles.

Since 2018, Freightliner electric semi trucks have been running the roads, too. But they haven’t stopped there. We at Daimler Truck North America have pushed hard to get them moving in real fleets and delivering real loads. In 2021, our Customer Experience Fleet Program, which works with customers to improve how electric commercial trucks can be used across a diversity of industries, reached the million-mile mark – and it’s still going strong.

milestones4.pngDetroit eFill chargers launch, helping to advance the industry.

At DTNA, we’re also committed to advancing electric semi truck adoption by leading the way in EV infrastructure. In May 2021, we launched Detroit eFill chargers, a comprehensive line of charging solutions designed to deliver smart, efficient charging to virtually any size or type of EV fleet.

Companies are Making Powerful Commitments to Sustainability.

This year, there has been greater industry cooperation to lead commerce toward the electric future. In September, 70 companies signed a letter urging state governors to support legislation that would encourage the adoption of zero-emissions trucks. There have also been strong sustainability commitments from individual companies, including Walmart, which plans to electrify its entire fleet by 2040, and FedEx, which announced its plans to achieve carbon-neutral operations by the same year.

milestones3.pngWith more than 100 customers served, Detroit eConsulting is ready to lead the leaders.

A lot of companies are making clear, purposeful business decisions to move toward sustainability. However, some of them still need guidance on how to get there. Detroit eConsulting is designed to show them the way. In fact, our eConsulting teams have already helped more than 100 real customer fleets start their electric journeys – and we think that’s just the beginning.

Ready to help make 2022 an even bigger year for electric semi trucks? Our electric vehicle consultants can help you move forward, whether you’re already learning about EV technology, or you’re just getting started. Get your free consultation today.