Freightliner 114SD Plus Specs



Freightliner 114SD Plus Specs

The Freightliner Trucks 114SD Plus is built for severe duty: packed with power and ready for work.

Base Specifications



260-525 HP


92,000 lbs. (independent of lift axles)


720 to 1850 lb-ft

Cab/Sleeper Configurations

Day Cab

  • 114" BBC

Extended Cab

  • 140" BBC

Crew Cab

  • 162" BBC
    (set-back axle only)

Detroit® DD13®
Detroit DD8™
Cummins L9*
Cummins X12

Freightliner provides a wide range of new vehicle engines compliant with EPA, CARB emissions, GHG, and OBD requirements. Please consult your local dealer to ensure the selection of a product that meets your specific needs.

*Based on Domicile


Marmon-Herington (AWD)


Taper Leaf
Flat Leaf Spring



  • Eaton Fuller® 10 speed
  • Eaton Fuller® 13 speed
  • Eaton Fuller® 15 speed
  • Eaton Fuller® 18 speed

Automated Manual

  • Eaton Endurant XD Pro
  • Eaton Endurant HD
  • DT12-V


  • Allison® 3000 series
  • Allison® 4000 series
  • 114" BBC steel-reinforced aluminum day cab
  • DD13 Gen 5 engine with 525 HP, 1850 lb-ft torque
  • Allison 3000 Series transmission
  • Front axle rated at 12,000 lbs
  • Up to 50-degree wheel cut depending on wheel equipment
  • Set-forward front axle position at 31"
  • 60-gallon cylindrical fuel tank
  • Strong, durable cab and hood
  • Radiator mounted molded-in color front grille with signature styling
  • Front grille, headlight bezels, engine air intake grille, bumper and primary mirrors trimmed in black
  • Halogen composite headlights
  • Air rear cab mounts
  • Updated dash with new Multi-Function Steering Wheel, Instrument Cluster with Driver Command Center, and customizable storage, switches and third party device mounting.
  • 63" x 14" rear tinted window
  • 2,500 square inch windshield
  • Bridge formula bumpers for 29.5" front axle position
  • 48" set-back axle position
  • Bright accented front grille with chromed grille surround, headlight bezels and engine air intake grille
  • Engine air intake pre-cleaner
  • Integral front frame extensions in 12" and 24" lengths
  • Large selection of wheelbases with frames and frame reinforcements to meet severe duty needs
  • Front engine, rear engine and transmission power take-offs
  • Three batteries mounted under cab with clear back-of-cab packaging
  • Range of cylindrical and rectangular aluminum fuel tanks
  • Steer axles from 12,000 to 22,000 lbs
  • Single drive axles from 21,000 to 38,000 lbs rating
  • Tandem drive axles from 40,000 to 58,000 lbs rating
  • Tridem drive axle set rated at 69,000 lbs
  • Pusher and tag axles rated from 8,000 to 22,000 lbs available in single or dual configurations
  • QuickFit, an advanced multiplexed electrical system for simpler TEM interface, programming and access to power.
  • QuickFit offers electronic control units to be stored in cab or under hood on the fire wall ease of access and protected from the elements.
  • QuickFit connectors are IP67 rated or higher.
  • Detroit Assurance the most advance safety system on the market.
  • Bendix IntelliPark
  • Bendix Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • New Multi-Function Steering Wheel with controls for cruise, stereo, phone, etc.
  • New Instrument Cluster w/ Driver Command Center displays operating information, important vehicle functions, alerts, settings, and more
  • New and improved cab insulation provides improved noise reduction for a quieter and more comfortable cab
  • New ergonomic seats designed for optimal driver comfort with more adjustability and reclineability
  • Three new trim levels: Professional (standard), Elite, and Rugged
  • All new interiors, Dash, Doors, Overhead Console, Headliner and Backwall
  • New and more durable Thermoplastic Plyolefins TPO materials for improved fit & finish, driver comfort and quieter cab
  • LED cab lighting for increased visibility and longevity
  • New rotary headlight switch with available auto headlights and auto high beam function
  • Standard electric windows, door locks located on the door.
  • New HVAC vents provides improve airflow and driver comfort
  • New Standard LED step light on all doors to improve safety of ingress/egress
  • Multiple options and locations for RAM mounts and prewire power, ground, and RP1226 connectors for seamless integration of cameras, telematics, and other electronics